Top 10 Family Activities in Jerusalem

September 30, 2014

Sukkot  is coming up and you’re all set to go to Israel. The family is excited, the airline tickets are booked, the hotel rooms are reserved, and the bags are packed and they are ready to go. There’s only one matter to take care of, what are we going to do when we get to Israel?


There is always a lot of excitement and anticipation before going on a holiday, especially to Israel.  Who does not love to roam through the Jerusalem streets, visit the Kotel and join in the hustle and bustle of the Mahane Yehuda shuk?


However, when traveling with a family with children of different ages, it is always good to have a plan for each day. It is a challenge to always find something appropriate for all the different ages in your family, so it is wise to alternate activities sometimes being appropriate for the older and sometimes for the younger.  Here are some suggestions of activities and sites while visiting Jerusalem:


Tower of David (Migdal David) Museum

Learn about  Jerusalem, and in the evening you can also enjoy the sound and light show.




Here one can have an ancient biblical experience. Travel on camels to visit Avraham’s tent. You will be met by Avraham and served light refreshments. For more info-


Scavenger Hunt

You can arrange a scavenger hunt in Nachlaot, the old city or play the Mahane Yehuda  dash. For more information go to


The Biblical Zoo

A great activity that can be fun for all ages. The zoo has beautiful grounds, as well as a play area and petting zoo for younger children.


Ammunition Hill

If your child ever wanted to feel like a solider this is the place to visit. They can play a great game of hide and seek as they explore the bunkers on ammunition hill as well as learn about the significance of the place during the war. The museum was built at Ammunition Hill in memory of the fallen soldiers who bravely fought for the liberation of Jerusalem. The Museum displays a Memorial Wall Monument to the fallen soldiers, as well as documentary videos and photos. There are guided tours of the location and its trenches.


Kotel Tunnel Tours

Tour of the Western Wall Tunnels.  The underground tour tells the story of ancient Jerusalem and of generations of longing for it.


City of David - Ir David

The City of David is another ancient attraction in Jerusalem. Through their visitor’s  you can book: archeological digs, jeep or Segway tours, water hikes and navigate the water tunnel.


Pantry Packers

This is a wonderful stop for the whole family. It is a chesed opportunity to pack food for needy families throughout Israel. You must book in advance. If interested send an email to


Stalactite Cave

The cave contains a wondrously varied world of stalactites and stalagmites. The visit to the cave includes a guided tour.


Bet Guvrin Caves

If you’re going to be in the Bet Shemesh area you can visit the Bet Guvrin national park. Digging into the soft  Hundreds of caves were dug at Bet Guvrin and its surroundings, creating subterranean networks of  intricacy. with quarries, burial caves, storerooms, industrial facilities, hideouts and dovecotes.

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