My Israel Property Management Client Testimonials

Reliable & Detail Oriented

"Sandi is extremely reliable, detail oriented and honest. She successfully manages large and small projects attending to the needs of her clients while being personable and warm.  Sandi is readily available and able to solve any challenges that come her way. I highly recommend Sandi."


Sasha Weiss,  May 2014

Quality of Service

"Would love to recommend Sandi from My Israel Property, who managed our Israeli home for us while we were in the states. What a pleasure to work with someone who not only spoke English at a native level, but also was able to deliver the quality of service we needed, (accustomed as we were to American style customer service!) Rare indeed."


Pnina,  July 2014

Turned our vacation house into a home

"Sandi was fantastic caring for of our vacation home - she took care of everything and made sure we were pampered and the house felt like home the moment we came in for our vacation, stocked with everything we needed. We didn't even have to worry about the hebrew and bureaucracy - she did it all.  I Would highly recommend her."


Andrew and Lisa, August 2014

Patient and Professional

"Sandi Ryker knows me, and my husband, as well as anyone can:  She has seen us happy, sad, frustrated, excited and stressed.  She knows the our needs and that of our children.  She knows our financial situation....but she isn't related to us, and she didn't even start off as a friend.  Sandi was our realtor when we moved to Zichron Yaacov 7 years ago.  She showed us dozens of houses, listening carefully to what I said I wanted.  Then one day, Sandi asked if I would look at a house that seemingly had none of the things I was looking for.  And yes, that is the house I fell in love with and is now our home.  


Sandi, it seemed,  knew more about what I wanted than I did.  Yet, she was never pushy, always patient and professional.


Since the purchase of our house, Sandi has helped my mother, brother, and nieces with their real estate questions and needs.  In each case, her respect, consideration and knowledge has been tremendous.  We cannot recommend her services highly enough."


Martha and Mike Haberman, September 2014 | Phone USA:  1.516.405.4511 | Phone Israel: +972.54.491.0603


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