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Why buy with My Israel Property?

Congratulations, you decided to buy a home! And if you are reading this, you are probably thinking about buying with an agent.

Why Use an Agent?

You may have had people asking you, “Why would you buy through an agent? What do they really do for you?” Well,  glad you asked!


My Israel Property has deep ties within the real estate community. We connect you with reputable professionals – lawyers, mortgage brokers, architects, contractors, etc. We save you a massive amount of time and headache getting to the right people right from the start!


My Israel Property real estate consultants do not just work in Zichron, they live here too! We understand the community, the neighborhoods, and the sweet nuances in the area, so that we can help you better navigate the path to buying your home.


Are you buying or looking to rent while still abroad? We are your eyes and ears on the ground helping you sort through local bureaucracy while you are still far away.


It’s not every day you buy a house! We guide you through the entire process and ask the right questions for you. We have been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions and put a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.


Negotiating the sale price of a home can be tricky at the best of times. We handle that for you too! Sometimes you’ll need to know about other houses sold in the market. We have our eyes and ears on the ground and are well versed in Zichron’s housing prices and beyond.

Have we convinced you yet?

Closing Cost Estimates

When you buy a home, you need to take more than just the price of the home into account. There are the lawyers, movers, painters, and lots of other expenses associated with buying a home. Here is a comprehensive list to help you plan your budget. Overall, you should probably account for 10%-15% in additional spending beyond the cost of your home.

* Price quotes are estimates based on previous experience. Individual service providers’ actual prices may vary. All services will incur an additional 17% for VAT.

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