Partner | Real Estate Consultant | Property Manager
Sandi Ryker

In Zichron Yaakov and beyond, Sandi's name is synonymous with real estate.  A native of New Jersey, graduate of Frisch High School and Stern College, Sandi first took up residence in Sydney, Australia, and moved with her family to Jerusalem in 1998, where she began her real estate career working for a large agency. In 2005 she brought her big city experience to Zichron, working for a local agency before setting up her own shop.


As a long-time resident of Zichron, Sandi is intimately familiar with all the secret nooks and crannies and hidden gems in the area. You would be hard-pressed to find another agent who takes as much pride and joy in their profession. With children of school age and older, she has her finger on the pulse of the town's numerous communities and circles.  Her warm and pleasant demeanor put all clients at ease as they go through the process of buying or selling a home. 

If you’re looking for Sandi during off hours, you will likely find her at the beach, hiking, camping, or relaxing with a glass (bottle!) of wine.


Partner | Real Estate Consultant 
Ilana Garber

Ilana grew up in New Jersey but after spending time in Israel, New York, Amsterdam, New Jersey, and finally Israel again, she is truly a citizen of the world! Her path to real estate went through some twists and turns, starting with Frisch High School, Stern College, Bar-Ilan University, and Hebrew University, topping all that with a master’s from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work!


When Ilana and her husband, 4 kids, and their dog, moved to Israel in 2009, they chose to make Zichron Yaakov their home, and who better to help her find her first house than… her childhood friend Sandi! She went on to obtain her real estate license in 2015 and – naturally – teamed up with Sandi at My Israel Property.  Ilana enjoys swimming in the Mediterranean, practicing yoga, and religiously walks her dogs, so she knows the lay of the land like the back of her hand.


Ilana lives, breathes, and sleeps real estate. But more importantly, she lives and breathes in the community. She will always keep YOUR best interest at heart as she leaves no stone unturned to find you the perfect home, buyer, accommodation, rental, etc. But buyer beware, when you work with Ilana, you may find yourself not only a home, but also a friend for life!


Real Estate Consultant 

Tsiona Mann David, is originally from West Hempstead, NY, and moved to Israel as a young girl with her family. Her personal experience as an Olah, combined with the firsthand knowledge of what it means to move homes multiple times, has served as a driving force behind her desire to assist others in finding their home. Utilizing her background in design, she will help you discover the full potential of a home seeing past the current décor and furniture. With her cheerful and outgoing personality, she tends to develop an instant rapport with her clients!


Tsiona not only manages the Pardes Hana branch of My Israel Property, but also lives in Pardes Hana, giving her unique insights into the community landscape.  


Real estate is not her only passion though as she is quite a talented pastry chef too! If you are fortunate enough to use her as an agent, you might get some wickedly delicious chocolate chip cookies at a closing.


When she is not showing homes, she keeps busy running after her three small children. Hard working energetic moms are just another part of what makes My Israel Property special!



Liat seems to love “touristy” towns and all that they hold. Not surprising, as she was born and raised right here in Zichron Yaakov and took a brief stint in Eilat before returning to her beloved home town.

As a native of Zichron, she shares with the team her unique perspective on the town. Liat is My Israel Property’s dedicated bookkeeper, tasked with making sure all the numbers add up. She has two kids, a bunch of pets, and enjoys walking the nature trails in the forest surrounding Zichron.


Helena Shukrun

Helena moved to Israel from Romania in 2000 and joined My Israel Property in 2017. She is a dedicated cleaner and helps take care of all our managed properties.

With attention to detail and professional pride, she makes sure your place is looking spic and span when you arrive!

Helena’s favorite pursuit is taking short trips to her native Romania to visit her son and grandson.