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The Unique Nature of Zichron


Quality of Life


Zichron Yaakov was founded in 1882 by 100 European settler families. Its fortune took a definitive turn when in 1883, Baron Abraham Benjamin Edmond James de Rothschild (“HaNadiv”, lit. “the generous one”) took the fledgling town under his wing to ensure not only its survival, but also its success! The Baron transformed Zichron into a planned town with houses built off the main street. He brought vintners from Europe to help the locals cultivate and develop vineyards, which led the area to be colloquially known as “wine country”. It developed from there with a rich history still told by descendants of original settlers.


Zichron is a pastoral town built on the edge of the Carmel mountain range and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The town is home to quaint cafes, tranquil courtyards, an abundance of local artist galleries, and a host of other attractions.

Alley in Zichron Yaakov





Beautiful beaches are a short ten-minute drive away and big city Tel Aviv is reached in just 30-minutes by train. There are a range of wineries within Zichron itself and many more jotting the surrounding countryside. Walking, hiking, and biking trails are all accessible directly from the town.


Zichron borders the Ramat HaNadiv nature reserve, which is the final resting place of the Baron Rothschild and established to honor the work he did for Zichron and the surrounding areas. Over an area of 450 acres just south of Zichron, the Ramat HaNadiv is the fulfillment of the Baron’s vision for a peaceful and tranquil place for people, plants, and animals. Visitors can leisurely stroll the gardens and enjoy an array of flora and fauna.


No matter your background and how you identify, you’re sure to find your place in Zichron. It is a flourishing community comprising a bright mix of religious outlooks: traditional, secular, religious, Haredi, pluralistic, Reform, and Conservative.

Need help networking to find your place? Want to know which youth group, school, or synagogue is right for your family? We are here to help. Zichron is known near and far as a community where everyone feels at home.

Zichron Yaakov Cuisine


We understand that education is an important aspect of choosing where to live. Zichron offers a range of options for schooling, catering to secular, religious, Haredi, pluralistic and democratic preferences within Zichron itself and with additional options available in surrounding areas. Your family is sure to find the right school to suit the needs of your children and it is quite common for families in Zichron to have children spread across the educational spectrum.

Zichron Yaakov Library

Neighborhoods in Zichron



The heart of Zichron and the historical epicenter of the town. The Aaronson Museum, the First Aliyah Museum, the historical Bet Knesset Ohel Yaakov, and other historical sites dot the landscape as you walk through the center of town. Each alleyway is steeped in its own rich history and if you come across the right local, they’ll be able to tell you all about it!

A close walk to shopping, cafes, synagogues, medical facilities and the pedestrian mall, it’s a great landing spot for people who want or need the ability to walk almost everywhere. Public transportation within Zichron and to the surrounding areas is readily available from the center of town. Housing options here range from freestanding houses to multi-family condominium developments.

Mul Hayekev

Mul Hayekev

Built adjacent to the Carmel winery (hence the name), it is a literal stone's throw away from the magnificent Park Hamoshava and Zichron’s new school complex. This neighborhood is perfect for those who want to have their kids walk to and from school! It is home to a diverse range of backgrounds and age groups living in apartments and two-family houses. A shopping center, health clinics, kindergartens, and a variety of synagogues are all within walking distance.

Neve HaBaron

Neve HaBaron

Named after the Baron, this pastoral and rustic neighborhood occupies the southwest side of Zichron. Larger housing options, private yards, and extended privacy await you here. In some parts you are just a few minutes’ walk from the Ramat HaNadiv nature reserve and some beautiful walking and biking trails.  Neve HaBaron has two local shopping centers and its own little forest “tayelet” (walking path) occupying space within the forest running through its midst. There are a number of private neighborhood kindergarten options and a local synagogues.

Villot BaHoresh

Villot BaHoresh

Literally meaning the “Woodland Villas”, this neighborhood is nestled into Zichron’s northeastern hill, and is quiet, with rustic narrow streets. It’s in walking distance to the Horesh elementary school and ideal for families with cars who are looking for a sleepy part of town to settle into. The houses and plots of land are generally a bit larger here than in other parts of Zichron, offering more spacious options for larger families or for those who want a larger backyard to relax in. 

Givat Eden

Givat Eden

Occupying its own mountaintop at the northernmost point of Zichron, Givat Eden offers sweeping sea views. If you settle down here, you may need to drive to get to most locations in Zichron itself; but the views and the size of the houses make it worthwhile! Wide streets (a rare phenomenon in Israel) and multiple local parks, giving Givat Eden a real suburban atmosphere. The Horesh school sits just at the entrance making it an ideal location for families with kids in that school. 

Yemenite Quarter

Yemenite Quarter

Don't let the name fool you, it’s not for Yemenites only! Yemenite immigrants arriving in Zichron first settled here in the 1950s. Once a literal swampland, it is now one the most desired locations in Zichron. It is a culturally diverse area, a close walk to the center of town, features a variety of synagogues and parks, and an abundance of private freestanding homes. Officially it is part of the “Moshava” and contains a lot of rich history as well. It is not uncommon to find multi-generational families residing together or in houses on connected plots of land.

Shmura Neighborhood


Situated on the southwestern edge of Zichron and bordering the tranquil Ramat HaNadiv nature reserve, this is one of the more modern neighborhoods of Zichron. Nature trails and a small shopping area, are a hop, skip, and a jump away. The Shmura’s modern yet rustic streets are lined with freestanding and attached homes and there is a strong feeling of community amongst its residents.

Halomot Zichron Neighborhood

Halomot Zichron

‘The Dream of Zichron’. Known by the locals as Halomot for short, sits on the southeastern outskirts of Zichron and is its own self-contained enclave, complete with unique parks, schools, stores, and synagogues. For those seeking a little adventure, the Israel trail is just meters away, offering walking, running, and biking trails, and even some areas for rock climbing! Halomot even has its own outdoor basketball court and skatepark. Zichron’s newest planned neighborhood, it combines apartment buildings and two-family houses. Some of the penthouses and upper floor apartments offer sweeping views of the neighboring forests and mountains.

Neve Sharet Neighborhood

Neve Sharet

This is another area sitting on the outskirts of Zichron. It is a completely mixed neighborhood, with old-timers, newcomers, secular and religious, and has a peaceful neighborhood charm all its own. There are a few small shops and health clinics in the neighborhood that is mostly made up of free standing or attached houses. If you are looking for a quiet area slightly off the beaten path, this neighborhood might just be for you!

Ramat Tzvi Neighborhood

Ramat Tzvi

This neighborhood has a large component of Haredi families, but with multiple buildings undergoing “Tama-38” renovations (the national building reinforcement and renovation program), a more diverse population has been moving into the outlying areas. A short walk to a local shopping center, health clinics, parks, and a multitude of synagogues make it an attractive destination. The neighborhood consists of an outer ring of apartment buildings encircling an inner ring of multi-family houses. 

Western Cliff Neighborhood

Western Cliff

The Mediterranean side of Zichron offers sweeping coastal views and spectacular sunsets. It’s an area with mostly large private houses and like some other areas of Zichron you will need a car to get to shopping areas and schools. Perhaps you have heard of the luxurious Elma Hotel? That’s also located in this beautiful neighborhood. The houses here are generally more luxurious than in other areas of town and, of course, they are priced to match. But remember, you really cannot beat those sunsets!

Neve remez Neighborhood

Neve Remez

Remez, as it’s referred to by the locals, is a secluded area of Zichron sitting adjacent to the main road entering town from neighboring Binyamina in the south. Here you’ll find both modern housing, some older established structures, and even a house with a barn and horses! Remez is built around a beautiful park with a large central grassy area. With only a single road in and out, it is a particularly quiet area of Zichron with a special community feel. There are two synagogues in Remez which are both exceedingly warm and welcoming, with one of them offering herring and whiskey after Shabbos morning davening.

Zamarin Neighborhood


Zamarin is an old area of town sitting majestically just above the Carmel winery and is the original Zichron settlement. This small neighborhood consists of old stone houses and narrow alleyways. The beauty of the neighborhood is that it is entirely isolated from main streets, traffic, and people, but is only a 5-minute walk from the town’s the pedestrian mall.

Shchunat Yaakov Neighborhood

Shchunat Yaakov

This neighborhood is literally smack-dab in the middle of Zichron. It is entirely residential and comprises stand-alone and multi-family homes. Like most areas of Zichron, shops, clinics, schools, parks, and synagogues are all in close proximity.

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