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5 Fun-Filled Home Cleaning Tips for Passover!

At My Israel Property, we offer services covering all aspects of real estate, including buying a home, selling or home, and managing your property. Part of our property management services include getting your home ready for your arrival, cleaning after you leave, and at this time of year, cleaning your home in preparation for Passover.

In preparation for Passover, we wanted to share some of our top cleaning tips with you. So here are our top 5 tips for cleaning in your home!

One room vs one cleaning activity

One issue people grapple with when it comes to cleaning is how they should operate. Is it more efficient to clean one room at a time or do one type of cleaning activity, such as vacuuming, but doing it for the entire house first? Some people will tell you to do one room at a time, but they are wrong! It is far more practical to do one activity across an entire floor as not to have to keep repeating the same procedure several times each time you enter a new room.

Declutter as you go

It can be very tempting to simply organize and tidy everything as you clean, but it’s also important to use this time to get rid of stuff as well. For example, do not just go through the motions of reorganizing and dusting off old book or magazines. Take 2 minutes and decide which of them has passed their shelf life and perhaps donate it to a local school or library. Another opportunistic time to declutter is of course when you buy a home or move into a new home as well. No better way to get rid of unwanted items than tossing them away before you pack up your house!

Don’t scrub…dishwash!

Do you have vases which might need a good thorough dusting or scrubbing? Did your kids make your Duplo Lego sticky and gross? Read your dishwasher instructions closely but it could be you are underutilizing this fantastic appliance! Be as liberal as possible with what gets cleaned in your dishwasher.

Keep your cleaning tools organized

Like any good craftsperson it is important to have an organized tool kit before you get to work. Brushes, paper towels, cleaning solutions, gloves, sprays, etc should all be organized in advance. You will save yourself a lot of hassle from having to scrounge around for the right tool or spray each time you need it. When you are looking into buying a new home, see if the home comes with a utility closet or pantry where you can safely store all your cleaning products out of the reach of small children.

Make it a group activity

This sounds obvious but nobody should have to clean everything themselves. Make it a fun family activity filled with music, dancing, laughing, singing, and of course a generous snack of choice at the end. You will find the cleaning goes a lot quicker when the environment you are doing it in is vibrant and alive!

Whether you’re doing Pesach cleaning, or a just a spring cleaning, use this opportunity to create wonderful family memories cleaning your house together!

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