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5 Important things to consider before buying a home in Israel (or anywhere!)

Consider your lifestyle

Your home should reflect the lifestyle you want to live. Are you a very private person who requires a single-family home with high fences or is an apartment an acceptable abode? Do you like to entertain people and therefore require a large living room and dining room or are the number of bedrooms higher up on the list of importance? Put careful consideration into the sort of life you live and want to live even before you start looking into prospective homes.

Consider your needs

Must you have an eat in kitchen? Do you want to avoid any place with many steps up to the front door? Is the number of bedrooms a deal breaker for you? If so, make sure you mention it. Do you absolutely have to have a yard or is it good enough to live within walking distance to a park? Your specific needs can help us find relevant properties saving you valuable time and energy.

Consider your budget

This is seemingly obvious, but all too often gets neglected or overlooked. The budget for buying a home is not just the sale price of the house. You need to consider an entire host of costs. Lucky for you, we have outlined all the costs related to buying a home in Israel. Having a strong hold on your budget for buying a home will also help streamline the process considerably.

Consider your neighborhood (and neighbors)

Is there an area of town which you have your heart set on? Must you live near a school? Do you want to move into a home that is within walking distance of a supermarket? Is there a specific synagogue you would like to attend and want to be close by? Are you a person who is not going to be driving and wants to be as close to the center as town as possible? If you are buying a home in Zichron having the answers to these questions can land you in completely different areas of town!

Consider your “abilities”

Some houses are mostly ready to move in, while other homes require some additional work before you move in. Some people relish an opportunity to put their own personal touches into a home while others just want to move in and get settled. Having a clear mindset about which group you belong goes a great deal to finding the right property.

In conclusion

So, before you buy your home in Zichron or in Israel, consider what will work best for you and your family. And of course, we are always happy to help go through the deliberations with you. That is another benefit to working with a real estate agent…but that is a topic for another post!

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