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How do you spell "Real Estate in Zichron"?

Beit Aharonson

There seems to be an enormous amount of pressure with regards to our first blog post, as we have received quite a few requests from clients and friends about which topics to cover.

Some people want insider tips about buying a home in Zichron. Others want us to delve into varying options for mortgages. Another group of people were pressing us into disclosing negotiating tactics for buying a new home and how different cultures handle negotiations.

But we decided to go with something a bit more pressing. And that is exactly how are we supposed to spell Zichron Yaakov?! Because if you were looking to buy a home in Zichron exactly what would you write in Google to start your search?!

We've seen people write, Zichron Yaakov, Zichron Ya’akov, Zichron Jacob, Zikron Yaakov, Zihron Yaakov, Zihcron Yaa’kov, Zichron Yakov, etc. There seems to be an infinite number of spellings for our town.

Honestly, as far as we are concerned, it does not matter how you spell it because there really does not seem to be any unacceptable format. (You knew we would say that!)

But we’re here to help you with more than just the spelling of our town’s name. Sandi and I (Ilana) want to help you with all things related to real estate in Zichron and beyond. If you have questions about buying a home, selling a home, renting a home, or even about decorating a home, we’re happy to help.

At My Israel Property we pride ourselves on being a boutique, customer-centric, real estate agency which focuses on Zichron Yaakov, Caesarea, and beyond. (We’ll deal with the spelling of Caesarea in the future!)

So not to worry, we will get to those other topics in the near future but for now, if you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Zichron, just Google “My Israel Property” because after all, that’s really the proper spelling for “Zichron Yaakov real estate”!


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